“A woman is like a tea bag

you can’t tell how strong she is

until you put her in hot water”




“"I was really impressed by the efforts Bonnie and Zoe put in to cater for the vast beauties that attended the debut of "The High Tea". From the tantalizing food that graced our palates and the beautiful ensemble that made us glimmer on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to the very engaging topics that brought the house to life. Trying to depict just how much vastness was at this event is a grave injustice, you have to be there to experience this magical creation in order to truly believe. See you at the next high tea ladies xoxo"”

Nandipha MasukuEntrepenuer

“"Wow! What an enriching event-well organized, well orchestrated. Loved the food , loved the speakers! Heck I loved everything!"”

Maureen PlaakiesSpeaker